Science Lesson 125 a New Camera

Yesterday, 6/13/17, I made a new lens camera! I made it for science for a photography project. The materials used to make it are a close-up lens, tissue box, cardboard tube, tracing paper, pen or pencil, scissors or knife, and tape.  This camera is not hard at all to build. The first step is to take your tracing paper and cover the opening of the box and tape the tracing paper on the box. The second step is to flip the box over and use your pen or pencil to outline the cardboard tube. Step three is to cut out the circle from the tissue box. Tape the close-up lens to the cardboard tube. Slide the tube into the hole that you cut out.

Now you have your camera. The camera did not work for me because I put tissue paper on the top. That is hw to billed the lens camera.

English – Lesson 10 Spring break

            An entertaining spring break can include floating on a stream of wind at iFly and an interesting fieldtrip to the Marine Core Museum. Tuesday started off slowly with completing school and finished thrillingly with iFly.  Lessons at iFly included learning slide left and right, flying up and down, and twisting into barrel rolls. To slide left and write put one knee and elbow out in the direction of the slide. To accomplish going up, de-arch and get big by stretching the arms and legs out. To sink, make less surface area by arching hard and pulling the arms to eye level and legs back to neutral position.  To barrel roll, bend the knees under the body and then rotate the hips and shoulders.  The surprisingly are instructor also let Danger and I fly together!  That is exciting because flying with another person is an advanced. Flying like superman through waves of wind is thrilling.  

Thursday, included a fieldtrip to marine core museum to see exhibits, learn tactics, and history.  The exhibits had old-fashioned air planes, uniforms, rifles, muskets, and swords. Tactic are taught through a game. The game gives three tactical options to choose from.  To succeed choose the correct tactic for the Circumstance shone on the screen.  Choosing wrong response kills the troops and ends the game loses the game. (The Killing Field they ran across, instead of crawling, and they all got killed because of the leaders’ bad choice). For history, the museum told about the killing field and armored cars turning in to tanks.) There were a lot of old things: toothbrushes that were made from hog hair, soap made from fats, and letters written by quill pens and ink pots. Everyone had a lot of fun at the museum going through World War I, but it was a very long time.The next skills to learn for iFly is back fly.  There is still a lot more to be explored at the Marine Corps Museum. This year spring break was extremely exciting and very enjoyable.


Lesson 110 – Pinhole Camera

Today, I made a pinhole camera. We made a pinhole camera by doing the following. Step one, get a cardboard shoe box.  Step two, cut the eye hole and lens hole. Step three, spray paint the inside black. Step four, put white paper on the opposite side the lens is on. Step five, duck tape the top. I got this project from my fifth grade science teacher, Daniel Dignan. I use my pin hole camera when I am playing. I like it because it appears to flip things upside down when I look through it. That is how to make a pinhole camera.

Science Lesson 150 – Skinning a Squirrel

I skinned a squirrel  on 4/24/17. First, we needed to catch a squirrel. This is what we tried. First, we tried a rifle bb gun. Then we tried a .22 rifle. Finally, we bought a squirrel trap. Dad killed it.

Next, we skinned it. For skinning  it we got a razor and dikes. We made the first cut down the belly. Second, we pulled the skin off.

Third, we clipped it’s knee bones at the joint. Fourth, we removed it’s pelt.Fifth, we stuffed it. We put cotton balls in to it from the head down. Then we sewed the bottom back togather (Dad needed to do the sewing with a thimble because the skin was as tough as leather).  Last, we then put on  a lot of chinchilla dust to remove the blood. That is how I skinned and stuffed a ZOMBIE squirrel. Braaaaaaaaaaaains.

Danger, my brother, took all the pictures for this post using what he learned in Daniel Dignan’s  5th grade Science class. Special thanks to Danger. is his blog.


The Tornado


             A couple of years ago, we had a tornado come through. The first thing we did is we went to the bathroom. We played a couple of games and I asked dad to tell us some jokes. Dad said ok and he kame up with this joke.  Dad said, “Knock knock”.

We said, “Who’s there”.

Dad said, “Europe”.

We said, “Europe who”.

Dad said, “You’re a poo.”

 And lots of other jokes. Then later it was gone and we went out of the bathroom

The best pet

            The best pet is a cat. The best pet is a cat because they are less maintenance than dogs are because all you need to do is feed, water, clean the cat box, let them in, out, and pet them. Cats are very soft furry and lovey. Cats are also mostly nocturnal. You can also take them on trips and potty train them to go poo in your potty and flush it. Dogs you haft to let them out to go poo then pick up the poo. You also can leave cats alone for 24 hours, with somebody feeding them. On the other hand, dogs, you need to take them everywhere and You need to walk them in the fessing cold every day fed them water them pick up poo every day and bath them. That’s why the best pet is a cat.


          I like my cat black. Black is a short domestic house cat. he lives in our house in Virginia. His food is temptation treats, water, Friskies, and kitty kibble. He is fed every day in the morning, evening, and night. Black’s habitat is boxes, inside, and outside. He depends on us for food, water, care, and health. We take him to the vet when we think he is sick and get him some shots. Black is lovey, sleepy, playful, patient, slow, wants to be hot, likes boxes, curious, and sometimes mad.  If weather is almost any degree above zero he loves going out.  When black is outside he eats weeds and flops over in the sun.  when he is inside he rests in the cat tree, and in boxes when we are doing school. We have three cats he is my favorite   one.